There comes the proposal at last

Yippie… Armaan finally poped the question. Riddhima had been absolutely ecstatic to hear the words that she had longed to hear for a long time.


Armaan is an ultimate heart-throb, he proposed in the most romantic way one can’t even ever imagine. I wish I was Riddhima only for the moment when he spoke those three magic words in her ears. I haven’t found one single romantic guy here in California, sometimes I wish I was in India.

That’s basically the reason I don’t want to miss even one single episode of Dill Mill Gayye.

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One Response to “There comes the proposal at last”

  1. Armaan is really a sweetheart. The way he acts, his looks r just awesome, fantastic, cool, dashing, sensational…!!! I request him that not to end DMG or else TV would just be an idiot box.

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